Terry Wang

Hey there, I'm a designer based in Beijing. I lead the design team of LinkedIn China. Previously I worked at Wuage, Amazon and SAP. I write on Douban and sometimes tweet. Drop me an email at me@wangyazhou.com and I will anwser.

Things that inspired me

Basecamp. The company. The product. The books. The people. The culture. The philosophy.

Ruby on Rails. Software should be opinionated. We should not fear progress. Good code is about clarity.

Japanese aesthetics. Simplicity is achieved not when there's nothing to add but when there's nothing to take away.

Edward R. Tufte. Above all else, show the data.

Github. Individuals collaborating on simple rules will make the world a better place.

The Elements of Style. A good designer should first be a good writer.

Bret Victor. Invent on principles.

Joker. Why so series?